Kenmore Property Management works hard to give concierge service to our clients. We maximize the technology available and in the end combine first class service with the ease of online technology. Let us take the stress out of managing your property.

Here is what our clients are saying about us:

Christine Kenyon – Tenant – 5-star review
I am a renter who has always received prompt service and same day answers to my property management concerns dealing with repairs and general questions. R.J.’s readily available via email and text.

Lauren White – Tenant – 4-star review
RJ was very responsive and helpful when we were looking for a rental house. He listened to what we needed and found us a great house. My experience with RJ and the Kenmore team has been positive and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to rent a home.

Rachael Duncan – Tenant – 5-star review
We are building a house and renting a property managed by RJ. He is very professional, helpful, organized, punctual, and responsive. Process to rent was clearly spelled out with no surprises. Process was easy, no-hassle. Property was in great condition. Very responsive to maintenance requests.

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Stan & Valerie Douglas – Owner – 5-star review
RJ Lange has been managing my rental property since last year. His management removes all the hassles and problems with dealing with tenants and provides accounting information for tax purposes. He was able to find a tenant very quickly and when the first tenant bailed was able to find another. Additionally he has advised us on locations that are more desirable from a rental prospective. We intend to buy additional property this year and plan on using his services again.

Robb & Terrah Phipps – Owner – 5-star review
RJ was able to assist with getting our rental property on the rental market and occupied in less time than anticipated. His ability to respond & answer a variety of questions, promptly and clearly, gave us the peace mind needed when renting a property.

Lawrence Ramsay – Owner – 5-star review
RJ has been very responsive to my questions and concerns. Did a good job working with the tenants about installing a new floor in the living room and referred a contractor to have it completed. He is a good property manager.

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Pat McBurney – Owner – 5-star review
RJ Lange was very diligent in obtaining qualified tenants for two of my properties. I was surprised at how fast he was able to find and qualify prospective tenants for my properties. RJ is very professional and was able to satisfy a very particular client like myself. I would highly recommend him as a property manager.

Larry Gabaldon – Owner – 4-star review
RJ has been doing great with the challenges I’ve been giving him. So far we have gotten threw everything that’s come up. I look forward to working with him when I am traveling this winter. I will recommend him to any and all who are in the rental business.

Caroline Wu – Owner – 4-star review
RJ Lange was recommended by my sister who knew RJ and worked with him on the property in Pasco, WA. My property is next to my sister’s. So far, RJ has been responsible and very punctual. RJ is easy to work with and easy to contact. I would highly recommend him to other people.

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