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Rent History & Comparison For Arborpointe Apartments

If you’re researching apartment rents for Arborpointe and need to know what they’re charging, here are some numbers to help you:

Minimum Average Maximum
$918 $941 $963


Minimum Average Maximum
918 941 963


Minimum Average Maximum
$913 $1015 $1235


Average Rent Rates For Kennewick

The apartment market in Richland is moving quickly. There are now and always apartments coming available and then getting snatched up quickly. here are some fast numbers of what rent is in our area:

1 BR 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
1129 $1035 $1284 $1289


Rent Ranges For Single-Family Homes in Kennewick

Do you need to find rental statistics for homes in Richland? We have put together a quick snapshot to help you out. Here you go?

Minimum Average Maximum
$450 $1684 $2500


What Duplexes Are Renting For In Kennewick

There is a difference between apartments for rent, single-family homes for rent, and multi-unit homes for rent in Richland. But you still need to know what the rental market looks like. Here are some current rates to consider:

Minimum Average Maximum
$925 $1271 $1800


What Rooms Are Renting For In Kennewick

Do you own a home with a room for rent? If you’re looking for what rent is for multi-family units in Richland, here are some numbers to give you an idea:

Minimum Average Maximum
$300 $549 $800


What Online Vacation Rooms Are Renting For In Kennewick

Are you wanting to rent your property out via or If so, here are some current market numbers from these sites:

Minimum Average Maximum
$70 $242 $438


When You Need Property Management Services In Kennewick

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Posted by: Kenmore Team ISA on September 1, 2017