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Rent History & Comparison For Americana Apartments

Are you researching what rents are in Pasco? Here are the rental rates for Americana in Pasco. If you’re trying to estimate what a property you own might be able to rent for, here are some numbers to use:

Minimum Average Maximum
$690 $789 $840


Minimum Average Maximum
690 781 840


Minimum Average Maximum
$680 $750 $865


Average Rent Rates For Richland

The Tri-Cities rental market is hot. It has been hot for a long time. Inventory is short and demand is high. If you’re looking for what apartments in Pasco are going for, here are some quick numbers:

1 BR 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
921 $884 $1272 $1075


Rent Ranges For Single-Family Homes in Richland

The rental market in Pasco is always changing. Do you own a home that you are wanting to rent out but aren’t quite sure how much you can get? Here are some top level numbers to work with:

Minimum Average Maximum
$450 $1530 $2600


What Duplexes Are Renting For In Richland

Are you looking for numbers showing what multi-family homes are renting for in Pasco? Here are some numbers to look at and digest:

Minimum Average Maximum
$1300 $1483 $1800


What Rooms Are Renting For In Richland

If you are thinking about renting out a room in a home you own and aren’t qutie sure what to charge, here is what the current market looks like:

Minimum Average Maximum
$275 $422 $800


What Online Vacation Rooms Are Renting For In Richland

One thing that a rental property owner may do is to rent out rooms by way of AirBnB.com or VRBO.com. If this is something you’re considering, here are some current rental statistics:

Minimum Average Maximum
$70 $244 $438


When You Need Property Management Services In Richland

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Posted by: Kenmore Team ISA on September 1, 2017